Whiskey Connoisseur Set LSA Whiskey Club

Whiskey Connoisseur Set LSA Whiskey Club. Very exclusive whiskey set in lovely colors that go perfectly with smoky whiskeys. Carafe, ice bucket and 2 tumbler glasses with serving tray. The ultimate gift for a whiskey enthusiast!

All handmade LSA glasses are made from soda-lime glass – which is lead-free, unlike crystal.

The ingredients mainly consist of sand, soda and lime. Creating the “recipe”, mixing the ingredients scientifically and in the right proportions is a skillful task that ensures the texture, consistency, color and clarity of the finished piece is exactly as desired.

The mixture is heated to several hundred degrees Celsius in a gas-fired oven. Sometimes air bubbles can be trapped in the molten glass during this process and these are what you can sometimes see in the finished product – a normal and acceptable part of the handmade and patterned glass process.

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