Ember Travel Mug² Smart Mug

Sometimes you don’t have time to sit down and enjoy your elixir of life at home, but want to take the drink of life out with you. Sure, you can of course buy coffee on the way, but we all know how those take away mugs behave: the first few sips scald the tongue and by the end you’re left with cold boring coffee. Better then to load a thermos mug with good coffee at home, and the Ember Travel Mug² is something as ingenious as an app-controlled thermos mug with temperature control, so you can enjoy hot coffee for a long time!

Forget the loose lids of the take away cups that never close tightly! The lid of the Ember Travel Mug² allows you to drink from any side of the mug and of course closes tightly to prevent spills on the go. On the side of the mug hides an LED display and touch buttons that allow you to raise or lower the temperature of the coffee. If you want even better temperature control, connect the mug to your smartphone via the associated app, where you can save temperatures for your favorite drinks and receive notifications when your drink has become just hot enough to taste its best.

The thermos mug keeps your drink warm for up to 3 hours, and if you haven’t had time to finish your drink before then, you can place the mug on the included coaster to keep the coffee warm all day. The mug holds 355ml, so whether you’re taking the coffee with you on your trip or just hoping to wake up before you reach the office, your caffeine needs will be satisfied. The included coaster recharges your mug in no time, so the Ember Travel Mug² is always ready when you want to enjoy a perfectly tempered cup of java on the go.

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